The Bryant family began commercially harvesting pecans in 1984 near Ada, Oklahoma — the heart of native pecan country. From left are son, Randy, and Carrel and Louise Bryant.

Although Carrel’s dad cut down many of the pecan trees to make more room for cattle and hay, word has it that he paid his taxes every year by picking up the fallen pecans.

Today, the Bryant family harvest pecans within a 60-mile radius of Ada. Each year, the family manages more than 6,000 trees throughout the year.
The Bryant family is active in the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association. Carrel has served as president. Both he and Randy currently serve on the board of directors.
After a devastating ice storm, the orchards were cleaned up, pruned and trimmed.
The pecan season starts in the spring and summer when trees are sprayed with nutrients such as zinc that are often lacking in pecan trees.
A shaker clamps around the tree trunk. You can literally feel the earth move as the pecans fall to the ground.
A stick rake is driven around the tree after it has been shaken to collect the large limbs that have fallen.
A harvester, similar to a small combine is driven around the tree. Rubber fingers flip the pecans off the ground into a hopper.
The harvester dumps the pecans into a precleaner that blows out much of the lightweight pecans and trash before it is hauled to the cleaner.
The pecans are dumped into an elevator that feeds the pecans through a final cleaner where the pecans will be sized and inspected.
The pecans are visually inspected on a motorized belt. Bad pecans, rocks, sticks and other trash are removed by hand.
After the pecans are cleaned, they are dumped into a supersack that holds approximately 1,300 lbs. of pecans, and weighed.
Once enough pecans are cleaned, they are loaded into a truckload of more than 40,000 lbs. and shipped to a sheller.
Bryant Pecan Company was opened in the city of Ada in 2003. Today, the store is located at the corner of 9th and Broadway, the site of the original Evergreen Feed Mills that burnt in 2000. The store specializes in pecan cracking, buying and selling and offers a wide range of candy, gift baskets and gift boxes and other pecan speciality items.
22270 CR 1475 • Ada, OK 74820 • (580) 332-0839